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We can offer a more extended term for home loans that extends to 30 years, with low EMIs beginning at Rs669* per lakh 

Home loan approval is granted within five days. Our low-cost housing loan is designed for self-employed and salaried individuals 

You can also transfer the outstanding home loans to HDFC. HDFC provides online home loans that you could apply for to build, buy or remodel your home 

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HDFC Bank home loan interest rates range from 7.05% to 8.0%. The home loan interest rate for women remains less than 7.65%. Which can be easily paid.

HDFC Bank can apply online through the bank's site and uploading all documents required for the home loan. The process can be completed in 10 steps. 

Home Eligibility for a loan is based on the factors you are able to count on, such as your monthly income, your current stage of life, .. 

the credit score Fixed monthly financial obligations as well as your financial history and retirement age, etc.  

You can relax by knowing all the information regarding your loan by using HDFC Mortgage Eligibility Calculator