They were the co-hosts for The Real ended their time on the air in the span of nine seasons, 8 seasons and 1,360 hours on air.  

In a touching farewell episode that featured the hosts taking an excursion down memory lane and also pay tribute to hosts that have been gone but without Amanda Seales. 

Seales is announced to be the official co-host in 2019 , following her appearing as a guest during a number of episodes. 

Many of the long-time fans believed she was a valuable addition to the show's topical nature by addressing issues of race and inequalities, while some didn't think her style was the right choice.  

In an live stream on Instagram she made an announcement about her decision to leave and claimed that it is due to the censorshipfrom producers. She said that at the time: 

In celebration of the finale of the show the hosts took a look back on their final episode from the show's eight years on air. 

The hosts showed a collage of their best memories and memorable scenes. All hosts before them including Tamar Braxton 

Insecure The Insecure star On June 4, the group took to Instagram in June 4, to express concern about being cut off from the final episode. 

"So is it? The Real In their finale episode, they was a promotional guest and I'm not in the thumbnail, and I'm not even featured in the final episode as well 

I'll be able to speak about this later on," she said with a smile. "Ooh child, I must really be out her just shaking the table." 

Many believed this was the producer's right to exclude her from the show as Seales' departure was reportedly bitter and she was present for a short period of time. 

Another person agreed, and then went on to write "Well she was present for a brief duration and she talked badly about it constantly. 

Some felt it was a deceitful move on the part of the show but also praised Seales for her contributions. "You gotta include her," one user wrote.